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Due to weak Wi-Fi signals issue in every home & Office, Range extender started being used in large scale. They have the capability to repeat Wi-Fi signals from the main router or access Point. In some cases, where you forget range extenders customized settings. Just then, it is considered as a smart move to revisit Extender to Its Factory Default Settings. Factory default settings bring back manufacturer’s settings.

For factory default, use Factory reset button or log in to Extender via mywifiext net setup wizard to reset extender. Keep in mind, once you switch to Factory default, all your earlier settings will get erased automatically. So, let’s start to bring back your Netgear Extender to factory default.

Steps for Factory Default Setting

  • Take a paper clip or Pin & insert it into the hole of the Factory Reset button. The button has placed at the back of the Netgear extender. You have to press & Hold reset button for seven seconds.

  • Now, Release the Reset button.
  • Wait, before you go to online, don’t turn off your Extender or no need of shutting down your computer. Don’t do anything until your Extender starts up again.
  • Your extender will reset & restart within a minute.

Steps to Login to Your Netgear Range Extender Via mywifiext net setup wizard

  • Take a computer or any Wi-Fi device, which is connected to your extender network.
  • Open a web browser on your device.
  • Here, enter into browser address bar & then Press enter.
  • When you get Login prompt Window, enter your E-mail address & Password.
  • Now, Click on Menu Button. It will display extender menu.
  • Under Menu Setting, Go for Settings & Then Other Settings.
  • Click Reset Button now. You will receive a verification window.
  • To continue, verify your choice.
  • After you verify your choice, the extender will start resetting & return to its factory settings. It will take just 1 minute.

Once again we want to alert you, don’t try to go online after pressing reset Button. Also, don’t turn off your Extender or try to shut down your computer. Your any wrong step can result in configuration failure. By coming back to factory default, your extender y default check for Firmware Update. At this point of time, it is Up to you, whether you want to update firmware or not. If you want to update, then feel free to contact our team. We have an active team that is available 24/7 on toll- free number. Take assistance for extender any issue for example mywifiext net setup wizard. You can also approach team for Live Interaction. We believe in providing quality service to our users. If you have any comment or feedback for the team then, leave your comment in comment box.  Our team will revert back to you at the earliest. Help us improve our services & customer support by providing valuable feedback to us time to time.

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