The Internet is the basic need of nowadays day to day work. Without the internet, we can’t even think of completing work quickly. The Internet gives us the freedom of connecting to other users residing in or out of the country. It means a smooth communication without any gap. What if this internet connection starts dropping in terms of signals? It will result in losing valuable contacts & work. Interrupted Wi-Fi signals can result from dead zones, electrical, or constructional obstructions.

You can remove these obstructions to a limited extent from your side. Left over obstructions needs extender assistance. Range Extender is a great tool. It gets connects to the Wi-Fi network. Its main function is to work as a network client. Just as a device gets to connect to the network. These range extenders also work as an access point for Wi-Fi devices. If we talk about Netgear extender, they transmit their own Wi-Fi network that any Wi-Fi device can join. You can configure your Netgear Range extender with local web address Www.mywifiext.net. When you setup Range extender as an access point, they start broadcasting its network name, same as a router do.

Netgear range extender gives the option, to use them as an access point or as in Extender Mode. No doubt extender is beneficial in both the modes. Still, there is an important point without which you can’t use extender properly. Placing your range extender at the right place is important.

Ideal Placing of Netgear Range Extender

  • Place your range extender in the same room where you have placed your Wi-Fi router during initial setup.
  • Plug your Range extender into an electrical outlet.
  • Now, wait till power light turns to solid green from amber.
  • If Power LED doesn’t light then, press Power On/Off button located on the side of the extender.

What to do for Connecting Extender to Accessible Wi-Fi Network?

Many times you need extending a range of your Wi-Fi network. For this, you require connecting Range extender with your present Wi-Fi network. Yu can do this by following mentioned Points.

  • You can connect Range Extender with WPS.
  • Or connect Range Extender with web browser setup.

To know more about these setups, you can contact our experts on toll-free number 24/7. WPS setup is quick that requires no login or use of local web address Www.mywifiext.net. Alternatively, Web browsers Setup is a process of login that can be done on the device connected to the network. In this, you will need accessing Www.mywifiext.net, Properly & at the right place.

Take assistance for both setups by our expert’s team. We have a team that works 24/7. You can contact them via the toll-free number or through live chat support. You can also comment in the comment box, to get early replies by the team.

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